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We will feature metal artwork designed by J. Warren through JasonW Studios. Our in-house artist creates some of the most stunning designs available today!

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Evening Shadows Metal Tree Wall Sculpture

Having weathered many seasons, the stoic tree might go unnoticed, with a gnarled trunk and branches that reach out like aged fingers. But as the moon rises, its worn visage takes on an enchanted nighttime beauty. The Evening Shadows Metal Wall Sculpture calls such a special tree to mind with its metallic splendor.

Designed by JasonW Studios®, this wall sculpture is handcrafted from steel and beautifully finished by hand. The textured, dimensional leaves are hand-flamed for a unique appearance in bronze and gold. Beneath the cloud-like leaf formations is a hand-grinded silver trunk with bronze accenting.

Click here to view and purchase the Evening Shadows Metal Tree Wall Sculpture, an exclusive design available only at Touch of Class®.

Evening Shadows Wall Sculpture Multi Metallic

Splendor Leaf and Branch Metal Wall Sculpture

Artfully designed, this metal wall sculpture from JasonW Studios® evokes a nature scene of pure Splendor. Branches curve with a graceful arch, laden with delicate leaves and dappled with tiny buds. Some slender leaves are hidden in the shadows, taking on an aged copper hue; others are glistening and golden in the sun’s rays.

This handcrafted steel wall art is hand-finished and can be displayed in various positions. Hand-signed by the artist, this nature-inspired wall sculpture will be just the radiant piece you need in your decor.

Click here to view the Splendor Metal Wall Sculpture.

Splendor Wall Sculpture Multi Metallic

Shimmering Cedar Tree Metal Wall Sculpture

Are you looking to step outside the norm with your next wall art display? If your artistic interests are rooted in nature and stylized expression, the Shimmering Cedar Tree Metal Wall Sculpture is just the piece for you. Handcrafted from steel, this artwork resembles an aged but stoic conifer, with gnarled, twisted branches bursting open in a firework of needle flares. The hand-finished, copper-plated trunk has subtle color variations on its flame-lapped surface. Designed by JasonW Studios®, this metal wall sculpture honors nature’s beauty while presenting it in a creative light.

Shimmering Cedar Metal Wall Sculpture Multi Metallic

Juniper Bliss Tree Metal Wall Sculpture

The warp of an open flame and the sinuousness of the juniper tree merge in the Juniper Bliss Tree Metal Wall Sculpture. Flame-finished, copper roots flicker upward and meld to form a loosely-woven trunk. A corona of brass foliage crowns the branches, with texturized leaves for a realistic edge. The haunting movement of this wall art, conflated with a fire that seems to smolder beneath the bark, unites two conflicting images in one sculpture. Designed by JasonW Studios®, this tree wall sculpture brings the gnarled beauty of nature into the home.

Juniper Bliss Metal Wall Sculpture

Autumn Elm Metal Wall Sculpture

Venture into the autumn forest. The spicy fragrance of persimmon perfumes the air. A conflagration of color smolders in the treetops, and all around you is the brittle symphony of blowing leaves. You could gather a few as mementos of this breathtaking scene. Or, you could invoke these seasonal sensations and more with the Autumn Elm Metal Wall Sculpture from JasonW Studios®.

Handcrafted from steel with copper and brass plating, the Autumn Elm is lustrous but not mechanical. A delicate asymmetry makes the design of this metal wall sculpture wholly organic. From the densely-coiled trunk, a shower of boughs flourishes, bowing under the bountiful leaves. Each is bathed in a copper or golden hue, with a rainbow sheen visible in the light. Transplant this striking piece from the October orchards straight to your wall, and watch the beautiful images of autumn take root in your mind’s eye.

Autumn Elm Metal Wall Sculpture

Natural Elements Metal Wall Sculptures

Often, we think of fire as the harbinger of destruction, a force of nature that undoes nature. But the beauty of creation and destruction are one in the Natural Elements pieces from JasonW Studios®. Each metal wall sculpture recalls a natural setting with a striking flamed finish.

You can almost see the flames still burning in the Arbor Shade Metal Wall Sculpture. A giant of a tree is touched by the setting sun, its prismatic foliage boiling with color. A textured border encircles each clump of vegetation, catching the light and resembling individual leaves. Arbor Shade projects that eerie but beautiful moment when the pastoral green lands are ablaze with the light of dusk.

Arbor Shade Metal Wall Sculpture

The Autumn Elm Metal Wall Sculpture is a golden geyser shooting from the earth, fountains of elliptical leaves arcing through the air. The gold and copper fronds are flamed and have serrated edges that hold the light and create realistic appeal. Perfect balance is achieved on either side of the sculpture, although the branches remain slightly asymmetrical for interest.

Autumn Elm Metal Wall Sculpture

Last, there is the Native Dreams Metal Wall Sculpture. A twirling net fills the center of this steel dreamcatcher, suspending claret, sage, and slate blue faux beads in the air. The strands of bronze feathers are tipped with silver and hand-flamed, making for their opaline swirls of color.

Native Dreams Metal Wall Sculpture

Although touched by flame, these metal wall sculptures somehow fill the viewer with a profound serenity—a serenity that could only ever be found in nature.

The complete JasonW Studios Wall Sculpture Collection can be viewed at Touch of Class.

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