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Chip Shot Golfer Metal Wall Sculpture

Since the ancient Greeks and the dawning of the Olympics, sculpture has strove to capture that breathless moment when the athlete has evoked his winning move. The Chip Shot Golfer Metal Wall Sculpture is no exception.

Chip Shot Metal Wall Sculpture

With the musculature of a bicep rolling like a green knoll on a treacherous course, with a pewter club suspended indefinitely over his shoulder, this golfer is immortalized in a triumphant stance after just having landed the perfect shot. The crosshatched texture in his golfing attire evokes threads of fabric, while the bill of his hat, insinuated by a curving strip of metal, lends the sculpture a dynamic, 3D presence. His face, however, is flat. But as any golfer of merit can attest, you don’t need facial features to visualize his expression. The brows furrowed in concentration, the cool sheen of perspiration on the upper lip, the bated breath as the unseen ball soars. In fact, the vacant face is exactly what makes this metal wall sculpture so profound and relatable.

Hoisted in the den or the game room, the Chip Shot will transport athletes and sports fans alike back to those tremulous few seconds when the ball skirted tantalizingly close… then dropped with a resounding echo straight into the hole.

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  Chip Shot Metal Wall Sculpture

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