Embrace Fall with Autumn Wall Art by JasonW Studios

Cooler weather and changing trees point to the turning of the seasons—and your décor! Reflect the beauty of autumn with nature-inspired wall art from JasonW Studios®. These handcrafted metal wall sculptures are hand-signed by the artist and are sure to emanate cozy fall vibes with colorful hues. Available only at Touch of Class®!

Branches spread across the wall in dimensional style and hues full of Brilliance. Crafted from zinc-plated steel and clinging to copper branches, hand-dyed and flamed leaves flutter in early autumn hues of rose gold, copper, russet, blue, and silver.

Brilliance Wall Sculpture

An Autumn Elm bursts with gold and copper leaves. Made of steel with copper and brass plating, the flamed leaves of this wall piece depict the autumnal hues found later in the season.

Autumn Elm Wall Sculpture

Whatever your autumnal decorating style, Touch of Class® has the perfect items to dress up your home for the fall season!

In Case You Missed It: JasonW Studios Wall Art Introduced This Year

‘Tis the time of year for reminiscing about the past and looking forward to the future. JasonW Studios® introduced several wow-worthy metal wall sculptures in 2019—and there are more creations to come in 2020! Just in case you missed them, here are some of the stunning metal wall art pieces from this year.

Each is an exclusive design by JasonW Studios®, available only from Touch of Class®. Handcrafted of zinc-plated steel, these wall artworks have hand-dyed finishes and are hand-signed by the artist.

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The Brilliance Wall Topper is a stylized representation of branches with leaves.

Brilliance Leafy Branch Metal Wall Topper

The Cadence Wall Sculpture features curved arrows in gold and dark bronze.
Cadence Abstract Metal Wall Sculpture

The Deviate Wall Sculpture has light gold, champagne bronze, and rose gold curves.

Deviate Abstract Metal Wall Sculpture

The Echoes Wall Sculpture mimics sound waves in cool blue and silver.

Echoes Abstract Metal Wall Sculpture

The Insignia Wall Sculpture captures attention with a fractured geometric display.

Insignia Abstract Metal Wall Sculpture

The Unravel Wall Sculpture depicts curved lines in bronze and golden yellow hues.

Unravel Abstract Metal Wall Sculpture

Occasions Personalized Metal Wall Art Signs for Fall

The first day of fall is almost here! Usher in a new season with charming new wall art—that displays a message all your own.

Designed by JasonW Studios®, the Occasions Metal Wall Art Sign can be personalized with your chosen phrase, up to 18 characters including spaces. What would you like yours to say?

We like “MAN CAVE” for the deer emblem and “WINE CELLAR” for the grape emblem—but the possibilities are endless! Other suggestions include “HAPPY FALL” and “HOME SWEET HOME.”

Handcrafted in the USA by skilled craftsmen, this personalized wall art is precision-cut from 14-gauge steel. Artwork has a UV-, weather-, and tarnish-resistant powder coat, so you can display it indoors or outdoors year round.

A variety of emblem styles and several finishes are available.

You can shop this wall art sign exclusively from the Touch of Class® web site; simply click here to shop, or click the images below!
Occasions Deer Personalized Metal Wall Art SignOccasions Grapes Personalized Metal Wall Art Sign

Brilliance Leafy Branch Metal Wall Topper

Envision an ethereal forest where leaves dapple the branches all year long in gleaming metallics and icy blue hues. Bring such a bough into your home! The Brilliance Metal Wall Topper fuses natural inspiration with contemporary panache. This artistic creation comes to life with hand-dyed and flamed hues of rose gold, copper, russet, blue, and silver.

Designed by JasonW Studios® and hand-signed by the artist, this handcrafted, zinc-plated steel wall art displays a dimensional leafy branch design, 48”Wx18”H.

Click here to view and order the Brilliance Metal Wall Topper, an exclusive design available only from Touch of Class®.

Brilliance Leafy Branch Metal Wall Topper

Brilliance Leafy Branch Metal Wall Sculpture

Are you looking for a fresh take on fall decor? Consider metallics! The Brilliance Metal Wall Sculpture has a multicolored beauty characteristic of fall decor, as well as an eye-catching nature-inspired design. Gorgeous metallic finishes really make it stand out: hand-dyed and flamed rose gold, copper, russet, blue, and silver.

Designed by JasonW Studios®, this handcrafted, zinc-plated steel wall sculpture energizes your decor with a bold, dimensional leafy branch design, 40”W, that has contemporary appeal.

Click here to view and order the Brilliance Metal Wall Sculpture, an exclusive design available only from Touch of Class®.

Brilliance Leafy Branch Metal Wall SculptureBrilliance Leafy Branch Metal Wall Sculpture

Nature’s Decree Metal Leaf Wall Sculpture

What does Nature’s Decree call for? Almond-shaped leaves, delicate veins, and colors that glisten in the light. Designed by JasonW Studios®, this metal wall sculpture presents those elements in a sophisticated and beautiful display. A wonderful piece for the fall, this wall art can also be displayed year round for a reminder of nature’s splendor. Handcrafted from stainless steel, this wall sculpture feature dimensional, layered leaves with zinc and antique copper plated outlines and veins. Some leaves have solid color backings with a subtle sheen; the hand-dyed finishes include light copper, champagne bronze, sage, and gold. This nature-inspired wall sculpture is hand-signed by the artist.

Click here to view the Nature’s Decree Metal Leaf Wall Sculpture.

Nature's Decree Leaves Metal Wall Sculpture

Nature's Decree Wall Sculpture in Bedroom Setting

Grandeur Leaf and Branch Metal Wall Sculpture

A breeze rolls through the undergrowth in the Grandeur Metal Wall Sculpture. Lithe branches wind and twist around each other, exhibiting a flourish of gold and aged copper leaves. Small berries spatter the rollicking stems. An interplay of dark and light is very much at work here; rich brown hues offset brassy yellows. Owing to the fine detail JasonW Studios® so often embeds in its work, small puckers in the leaves wink and catch the light. This handcrafted wall sculpture is beautiful piece of art to be sure, and the variegated leaves pay homage to the autumn season.

Grandeur Leaf Metal Wall Sculpture

Autumn Elm Metal Wall Sculpture

Venture into the autumn forest. The spicy fragrance of persimmon perfumes the air. A conflagration of color smolders in the treetops, and all around you is the brittle symphony of blowing leaves. You could gather a few as mementos of this breathtaking scene. Or, you could invoke these seasonal sensations and more with the Autumn Elm Metal Wall Sculpture from JasonW Studios®.

Handcrafted from steel with copper and brass plating, the Autumn Elm is lustrous but not mechanical. A delicate asymmetry makes the design of this metal wall sculpture wholly organic. From the densely-coiled trunk, a shower of boughs flourishes, bowing under the bountiful leaves. Each is bathed in a copper or golden hue, with a rainbow sheen visible in the light. Transplant this striking piece from the October orchards straight to your wall, and watch the beautiful images of autumn take root in your mind’s eye.

Autumn Elm Tree Metal Wall Sculpture