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We will feature metal artwork designed by J. Warren through JasonW Studios. Our in-house artist creates some of the most stunning designs available today!

Sinuous Contemporary Wall Sconce Set

Are you looking for hurricane sconces that are sleek and simple? The Sinuous Wall Sconce Set has a slinky style with flowing curves. Give your wall a sophisticated, contemporary accent with these handcrafted, 14-gauge steel wall sconces.

Designed by JasonW Studios®, this wall sconce set is available in four powder-coated finishes: antique copper, antique pewter, black, and rich bronze. Each metal sconce has a glass hurricane to hold your pillar candle up to 3” dia. Made in the USA, each set includes a small sconce, 24”H, and a large sconce, 32”H.

Click here to view and order the Sinuous Wall Sconce Sets, available exclusively at Touch of Class®.

Sinuous Wall Sconces Rich Bronze Set of Two

Sinuous Wall Sconces Black Set of Two

Occasions Personalized Metal Wall Art Sign

The Occasions Personalized Metal Wall Art Sign is so versatile, you can commemorate an event or anniversary, or display an address or phrase. Fourteen emblem options and four available finishes allow you to make this artwork your own.

Designed by JasonW Studios®, this wall art sign can be personalized with your chosen phrase, up to 16 characters including spaces, below a center line, scrolling accents, and a circle emblem. Handcrafted in the USA by skilled craftsmen, this personalized wall art is precision-cut from 14-gauge steel. Artwork has a UV-, weather-, and tarnish-resistant powder coat, so you can display it indoors or outdoors year round.

The following emblem styles are available: Cat, Deer, Dog, Fleur-de-Lis, Grapes, Monogram, Palm Tree, Pine Cone, Rooster, Rose, Seashell, Star, Sun, and Tree.

The following finishes are available: Antique Copper, Antique Gold, Black, and Bronze.

Click here to view and order the Occasions Personalized Metal Wall Art Sign.

Occasions Personalized Wall Art Sign Cat

Occasions Personalized Wall Art Sign Fleur de Lis

Occasions Personalized Wall Art Sign Pine Cone





Evening Shadows Metal Tree Wall Sculpture

Having weathered many seasons, the stoic tree might go unnoticed, with a gnarled trunk and branches that reach out like aged fingers. But as the moon rises, its worn visage takes on an enchanted nighttime beauty. The Evening Shadows Metal Wall Sculpture calls such a special tree to mind with its metallic splendor.

Designed by JasonW Studios®, this wall sculpture is handcrafted from steel and beautifully finished by hand. The textured, dimensional leaves are hand-flamed for a unique appearance in bronze and gold. Beneath the cloud-like leaf formations is a hand-grinded silver trunk with bronze accenting.

Click here to view and purchase the Evening Shadows Metal Tree Wall Sculpture, an exclusive design available only at Touch of Class®.

Evening Shadows Wall Sculpture Multi Metallic

La Casa House Number Address Sign Yard Stake

Are you thinking of replacing your existing address sign with something more stylish? Perhaps you simply want something that’s a little more “you.” The La Casa House Number Yard Stake is an elegant option and offers five topper choices, so you can find one that suits your personality or favorite decorating style. Choose the fleur-de-lis, pineapple, seashell, sun, or tree.

Designed by JasonW Studios®, this house number yard stake is handcrafted of precision-cut, 14-gauge steel. Rich bronze and gold hues give it a sophisticated appearance, while a powder coat finish provides UV-, weather-, and tarnish-resistance. You can feel especially good about displaying this address sign yard stake, because it is made in the USA.

Click here to view all design options for the La Casa Address Sign Yard Stake, as well as the coordinating La Casa Wall Plaque. These address signs are available exclusively at Touch of Class®.

La Casa Fleur de Lis Address Yard Sign Gold/Bronze La Casa Pineapple Address Yard Sign Gold/Bronze

Paris Double-Sided House Number Address Sign Yard Stake

If you take immense pride in your yard, you’re probably hesitant to add any lawn decoration that would look tacky. What good would it do to diminish all your hard work with low-quality address sign? Fortunately for your meticulous eye and green thumb, the Paris House Number Yard Stake will only heighten the beauty of your landscaping. Designed by JasonW Studios®, this address number stake is carefully handcrafted of precision-cut, 14-gauge steel. More than a stylish piece, this yard stake also has a UV-, weather-, and tarnish-resistant powder-coat finish for protection against the elements.

Keep this address number sign up all year round – just be ready for envious neighbors to ask where you got it! Made in the USA, this 36”H yard stake is double-sided for an elegant display in bronze and gold tones.

Click here to view and purchase the Paris House Number Yard Stake, an exclusive design available only at Touch of Class®.

Paris House Number Yard Stake Gold/Bronze

Nature’s Decree Metal Leaf Wall Sculpture

What does Nature’s Decree call for? Almond-shaped leaves, delicate veins, and colors that glisten in the light. Designed by JasonW Studios®, this metal wall sculpture presents those elements in a sophisticated and beautiful display. A wonderful piece for the fall, this wall art can also be displayed year round for a reminder of nature’s splendor. Handcrafted from stainless steel, this wall sculpture feature dimensional, layered leaves with zinc and antique copper plated outlines and veins. Some leaves have solid color backings with a subtle sheen; the hand-dyed finishes include light copper, champagne bronze, sage, and gold. This nature-inspired wall sculpture is hand-signed by the artist.

Click here to view the Nature’s Decree Metal Leaf Wall Sculpture.

Natures Decree Wall Sculpture Multi Metallic

Nature's Decree Wall Sculpture in Bedroom Setting

Taking Flight Metal Wall Sculpture

Do you remember folding a sheet of looseleaf into a paper airplane, then sending it zooming forward and watching as it curved in an unexpected direction? Did you skillfully craft more paper planes until you had an entire fleet? Perhaps you could even sense that summer was on the way, whiffs of it tantalizing you in the warm spring air. That same playful spirit is Taking Flight in this whimsical creation from JasonW Studios®.

Handcrafted of stainless steel, this metal wall sculpture features eight folded airplanes, seemingly pushed by currents into different directions. This inventive piece is hand-finished in antique nickel and appears to float across silver rods. Display it horizontally or vertically, and let it take you back to those blissful days.

Click here to view the Taking Flight Metal Wall Sculpture.

Taking Flight Wall Sculpture Antique Nickel

Finesse Abstract Metal Wall Sculpture

The Finesse Metal Wall Sculpture is a sophisticated take on abstract decor, graceful yet inventive. Handcrafted from zinc-plated steel, the wall art features curved segments that seem to twist together, like variegated ribbons. These sections are hand-dyed in metallic tones of copper, gold, and bronze. Designed by JasonW Studios®, this metal wall sculpture can be displayed horizontally or vertically. This contemporary artwork is hand-signed by the artist.

Click here to view the Finesse Abstract Wall Sculpture.

Finesse Wall Sculpture Multi Metallic

Splendor Leaf and Branch Metal Wall Sculpture

Artfully designed, this metal wall sculpture from JasonW Studios® evokes a nature scene of pure Splendor. Branches curve with a graceful arch, laden with delicate leaves and dappled with tiny buds. Some slender leaves are hidden in the shadows, taking on an aged copper hue; others are glistening and golden in the sun’s rays.

This handcrafted steel wall art is hand-finished and can be displayed in various positions. Hand-signed by the artist, this nature-inspired wall sculpture will be just the radiant piece you need in your decor.

Click here to view the Splendor Metal Wall Sculpture.

Splendor Wall Sculpture Multi Metallic

Give the Gift of JasonW Studios Personalized Wall Art

Does your overworked holiday host deserve an elegant and memorable thank-you gift? Are you pondering what to get for the beloved family member who has almost everything? Perhaps you’re searching for a meaningful present for a couple celebrating their first Thanksgiving or Christmas together. Give the gift of JasonW Studios® personalized wall art, and rest assured it will be exquisitely crafted and wonderfully unique. The recipient will be able to treasure this artwork for years to come. These high-quality personalized wall art signs are handcrafted in the USA from precision-cut steel.

Click here to view more beautiful personalized wall art from JasonW Studios®, available exclusively though Touch of Class®.

The Kinship Personalized Metal Wall Art Sign features your family name above flourishing scrollwork. Available in four classy finishes, this wall sculpture may also be embellished with an established year.

Kinship Name and Year Wall Art Sign Bronze

The Evanston Monogram Metal Wall Art Sign has your family initial at its heart, surrounded by ornately cut swirls and leafy scrolls.

Evanston Wall Art Sign Gold/Bronze

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