JasonW Studios Wall Art

If you’ve seen the name JasonW Studios® on the Touch of Class® web site and wondered about it, we’re here to tell you more. JasonW Studios® designs a variety of exclusive metal artworks for Touch of Class®. It is headed by our talented in-house artist, who designs both artistic and personalized wall art. JasonW Studios®’ product line has expanded to include new finishes, new metal wall sculptures, and house number yard stakes.

JasonW Studios®’ artistic pieces are ever-inventive and range from nature scenes to captivating abstracts. From graceful branches to contemporary whirlpools, this metal wall sculpture collection has something for everyone. These stunning wall artworks are multi-layered and require an involved production process. No two sculptures will be exactly alike!

Perfect Storm Metal Wall Sculpture Serenity Nature Metal Wall Sculpture

JasonW Studios®’ personalized wall art signs have timeless designs and are a sophisticated way to display your family monogram, family name, or house number. Designed and made in the USA, most of these pieces can be mounted indoors or outdoors. This personalized wall art is meticulously crafted in our own fabrication shop in southern Indiana. These artworks are quality gifts for all seasons, boasting unique designs and superb craftsmanship. From concept to completed piece, these personalized artworks are created entirely in-house.

Heritage Monogram Metal Wall Art Sign Kinship Personalized Metal Wall Art Sign

J. Warren Biography

Touch of Class® is proud to introduce the talented J. Warren, our exclusive, in-house artist and creative designer of some of our stunning wall artworks. With a specialization in the design of metal wall sculptures and an eye for contemporary style, Warren has kept Touch of Class on the cutting edge of modern fashion, giving our company some of its best-selling and most iconic accents. Here we’ll take a moment to reveal a bit about the inspiration and experiences of the artist who has come to epitomize the quality and creativity you will find only at Touch of Class®.

Perhaps best known for his intriguing abstracts, Warren displays an affinity for designs that captivate and spark the imagination, from beautiful blends of glossy color to elegant studies in line and motion. Though intricately planned and carefully fabricated, many of Warren’s conceptions begin with everyday observations, random images from daily life transposed by the artist’s mind into striking accents for your home.

Furthermore, Warren claims his preferred medium, sheet steel and other metals, is a creative challenge in itself. Starting with materials that might seem initially full and lifeless, Warren enjoys the task of weaving color, texture, and shape to imbue his works with a sense of movement, energy, and even feeling. It is this sense of intriguing vitality that has helped bring his sculptures such popularity.

Warren also finds himself returning to the natural world as a source of inspiration for his designs, depicting the soaring mesas of the Southwest and the slender branches of a delicate tree with equal grace and subtlety. Artists throughout history have been driven to imitate and pay tribute to the beauty found in nature, and Warren is no exception, citing a lifelong love of the outdoors as the undoubted source of many of his works.

In addition, Warren’s artwork often manifests an enthusiasm for sports and other leisure activities. This too, he believes, is an example of art reflecting life, his personal interests making an easy transition into his sculptures.

Warren has recently expanded his design repertoire to include indoor/outdoor monogram wall grilles. Constructed of metal, these decorative creations provide handsome embellishment and a personalized touch for your home.

After nearly a decade’s experience designing artwork for our company, J. Warren knows that inspiration waits around every corner for those who are looking. Keep an eye on offerings from Touch of Class®, as Warren continues to add new and exciting artworks to his collection.