Nature’s Decree Metal Leaf Wall Sculpture

What does Nature’s Decree call for? Almond-shaped leaves, delicate veins, and colors that glisten in the light. Designed by JasonW Studios®, this metal wall sculpture presents those elements in a sophisticated and beautiful display. A wonderful piece for the fall, this wall art can also be displayed year round for a reminder of nature’s splendor. Handcrafted from stainless steel, this wall sculpture feature dimensional, layered leaves with zinc and antique copper plated outlines and veins. Some leaves have solid color backings with a subtle sheen; the hand-dyed finishes include light copper, champagne bronze, sage, and gold. This nature-inspired wall sculpture is hand-signed by the artist.

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Nature's Decree Leaves Metal Wall Sculpture

Nature's Decree Wall Sculpture in Bedroom Setting

Taking Flight Metal Wall Sculpture

Do you remember folding a sheet of looseleaf into a paper airplane, then sending it zooming forward and watching as it curved in an unexpected direction? Did you skillfully craft more paper planes until you had an entire fleet? Perhaps you could even sense that summer was on the way, whiffs of it tantalizing you in the warm spring air. That same playful spirit is Taking Flight in this whimsical creation from JasonW Studios®.

Handcrafted of stainless steel, this metal wall sculpture features eight folded airplanes, seemingly pushed by currents into different directions. This inventive piece is hand-finished in antique nickel and appears to float across silver rods. Display it horizontally or vertically, and let it take you back to those blissful days.

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Taking Flight Wall Sculpture Antique Nickel