Legacy Personalized Metal Wall Art Sign

Your pride in your family name will only flourish when you see it displayed so beautifully. The Legacy Personalized Metal Wall Art Sign features your last name as the heart of its design, in your choice of three finishes: antique copper, antique gold, or antique pewter. Black scrolls lend a touch of distinction to the top and bottom. You can leave the area beneath your name blank, or select a subtitle that means ‘home sweet home’ to you – be it a cabin, estate, farm, home, or ranch. Or, you can reinforce the impact of your last name by choosing “Family” to appear beneath it. This personalized wall art sign is also available with an established year, so you can truly make it your own.

Designed exclusively for Touch of Class® by JasonW Studios®, this elegant metal wall art sign is handcrafted in the USA of precision-cut, 14-gauge steel. A tarnish-resistant powder-coat finish makes it ready for indoor or outdoor display – wherever you feel your family name is best presented.

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Legacy Personalized Metal Wall Art Sign

Legacy Personalized Metal Wall Art Sign

La Casa House Number Wall Address Sign

Would you like to display your house numbers so that they’re easily visible, without an eyesore near your entryway? The La Casa House Number Wall Address Sign is the stylish and classy solution. You’ll be proud to display your house numbers with this handcrafted, precision-cut steel wall accent. Designed by JasonW Studios®, this sign is not only an elegant alternative to gaudy address plaques, but it also has a protective powder-coat finish to withstand the elements. Your house numbers appear in a gold finish, while the backplate is finished in bronze. Five options are available to decorate the top: a fleur-de-lis, a pineapple, a shell, a sun, or a tree. This stunning, USA-made house number address plaque is a Touch of Class® exclusive, so you won’t find it anywhere else.

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La Casa Fleur de Lis House Number Wall Address Sign

La Casa Tree House Number Wall Address Sign

Touch of Class Fab Shop: Creating Custom Monogram Wall Art

Monogrammed wall art signs from JasonW Studios® are sure to be a source of pride – not only because of their exquisite craftsmanship, but also because they’re made in the USA. These beautiful pieces are the visions of our in-house designer and brought to life in our very own fabrication shop in Huntingburg, Indiana. From start to finish, these monogram wall artworks are our own exclusive creations, available only at Touch of Class®! Keep reading to learn more about the production process of these superb personalized wall art signs.

Most of the monogram wall art is made from 14-gauge steel, which is about the thickness of a nickel and the mark of a quality sculpture. It usually takes two or three days to assemble monogram artwork once it is ordered. Each sculpture begins as a sheet of metal, which is loaded onto a plasma cutter. Using a blast of electrified air, the plasma cutter melts shapes for various sculptures. A needle scaler and a grinder polish away dross and irregular edges, natural byproducts of plasma-cut metal. After polishing, a stud welder attaches studs in easily-hidden areas. Studs act as screws or standoffs.

Next, a non-toxic cleaning agent strips dirts and oils from the sculpture. The sculpture is then rinsed off and dried. A powder-coat finish is applied to the sculpture after cleaning. Powder-coat finishes form hard, protective layers resistant to UV-, tarnish-, and weather-related damage. The fully-coated sculptures are placed in a 400-degree oven for ten to twenty minutes.

Spring is the perfect time of year to enhance your outdoor decor with a monogram wall art sign. Monogram artwork also makes a memorable wedding or anniversary gift, one that the recipients will always treasure. Rest assured that these personalized wall sculptures will never go out of style!