Touch of Class Art

We will feature metal artwork designed by J. Warren through JasonW Studios. Our in-house artist creates some of the most stunning designs available today!

Golden Harmony Leafy Branch Metal Wall Sculpture

A first glance portrays nature as a reckless wielder—a thicket of briars here, a fallen tree there. But look closer: even a deep forest gnarl belies the harmony of nature. Designed by JasonW Studios®, the Golden Harmony Metal Wall Sculpture is a labyrinth of fluid branches and flamed gold leaves. Where one rivel emerges and another stops is difficult to say. But if we stop trying to rationalize the composition—to impose on it some semblance of symmetry—we can sense an organic balance to it all. The densely-shrouded left side of this metal wall sculpture is relieved by the blunt, copper branch underscoring it all. Bare tendrils offset those heavy with leaves. It’s a piece imbibed with the spontaneity of nature—the accident of perfection.

Golden Harmony Tree Metal Wall Sculpture

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