Touch of Class Art

We will feature metal artwork designed by J. Warren through JasonW Studios. Our in-house artist creates some of the most stunning designs available today!

Radiant Sun Metal Wall Sculptures

The frigid lick of winter has finally been banished for good (or at least until October!). Summer has arrived! The first day of summer has always been a cause for celebration, yet the sun is lauded all year round in the form of artwork. Representing fertility, regeneration, or even the triumph of good over evil, sun sculptures act as interpretations of the sun’s true nature. Playing to this timeless trend, the celestial wall sculptures from JasonW Studios® are abstract archetypes of the sun’s role in human existence.

Perfunctory though it is, the sun possesses a chaotic nature, a nature emblazoned on the flame-finished copper face of the Array Metal Wall Sculpture. With rays like needles infused with fire, this wall art contains a vortex of arches encircling the brass center, alluding to a core that is hotter than any other body in our solar system. This pincushion of flame is just slightly asymmetrical, piquing visual interest and speaking to the disorder the sun can at times impart, such as the interruption of radio signals during a solar flare.

Array Sun Metal Wall Sculpture

The Radiance Wall Sculpture epitomizes by far the most popular view of the sun. A benevolent creator, the Radiance sun sends out nourishing rays that modulate from white to brass. The streamlined arrangement forms an eight-point star, which for some symbolizes new beginnings and resurrection.

Radiance Sun Metal Wall Sculpture

Summer has only just begun, and we too must shed our winter outlooks and get a fresh perspective. Nothing inspires a reboot better than the sun sculpture, a beautiful reminder of new days to come.

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