Key West Palms Metal Wall Sculpture

Cue the mellow slide of a Hawaiian steel guitar—or the spirited gallop of African drums. The Key West Palms Metal Wall Sculpture is a versatile piece that will accentuate your tropical or safari-themed decor. In this sculpture, a cluster of languid, sepia palms undulates in a summery breeze. The metal fronds are finished in bronze, and golden highlights articulate the delicate bend and sway of each individual blade.


The honeyed bronze hue will have no trouble meshing with the earthy browns that typify tropical and safari-themed decor. With its scorched hue, the sculpture will also heighten flashes of equatorial red. Like many JasonW Studios Wall Sculptures, the Key West Wall Sculpture is highly adaptable and will look natural unfurling above any motif you choose, whether it be zebra stripes or birds of paradise.


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