Caribbean Sunset Scenic Metal Wall Sculpture

Winter is still hanging on, and with the feverish promise of spring felt in every tepid breeze, every trembling beam of sun, we need a glimpse into paradise now more than ever. With scenic wall sculptures, JasonW Studios® offers panoramic portals into worlds untouched by winter’s last stand.

Every bit as fluid and ambient as a painting, the Caribbean Sunset Metal Wall Sculpture is fashioned from staunch metal but drips with the tropical haze of an ocean sunset. The entire wall sculpture seems to spread outward from its luminous epicenter like watercolor on a wet page, its edges irregular and interesting. Arciform palm trees border the composition, while clouds dot a tumbling, green horizon. The ocean is an unexpected pop of blue in this volcanic color palette and is nestled between the sandy shore and rolling hills.

Flowing and lengthening like a budding sunbeam, the Caribbean Sunset Wall Sculpture is the surefire scene to warm up a wall and brighten the lingering grayness of winter.

Caribbean Sunset Metal Wall Sculpture

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