Touch of Class Art

We will feature metal artwork designed by J. Warren through JasonW Studios. Our in-house artist creates some of the most stunning designs available today!

Contemporary Metal Wall Sculptures

The latest contemporary wall sculptures handcrafted by JasonW Studios® imply a lively interaction between their parts, so much so that the individual pieces seem to come to life.

Like a school of mechanical, earth-toned fish, the steel slivers in the Even Flow Metal Wall Sculpture ripple harmoniously in one direction, interwoven yet separate. Each sticks to his designated path, leaping and diving but never daring to intersect with the others. All is a symphonic flow.

Even Flow Metal Wall Sculpture

Although employing the same molten color scheme, the Decora Metal Wall Sculpture does not follow the linear energies of Even Flow. Metallic propellors sweep calmly in time with the cyclical paths of their neighbors. Tangled in the silver current beyond, orbs bob benevolently. All pieces, viewed as one, coalesce to form a contemporary swirl motif.

Decora Metal Wall Sculpture

The final metal wall sculpture, Fracture, disrupts the harmonies of Even Flow and Decora entirely. Here, the jagged splinters from some once-whole object are fitted at random on a grid-like structure. The black “background” pieces shadow the silver fragments, lending the sculpture a three-dimensional appearance. Even here, the pieces are engaged in frenetic conversation, trying to remember where they fit.

The complete JasonW Studios Wall Sculpture Collection can be viewed at Touch of Class.

Fracture Metal Wall Sculpture

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