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We will feature metal artwork designed by J. Warren through JasonW Studios. Our in-house artist creates some of the most stunning designs available today!

Juniper Bliss Tree Metal Wall Sculpture

The warp of an open flame and the sinuousness of the juniper tree merge in the Juniper Bliss Tree Metal Wall Sculpture. Flame-finished, copper roots flicker upward and meld to form a loosely-woven trunk. A corona of brass foliage crowns the branches, with texturized leaves for a realistic edge. The haunting movement of this wall art, conflated with a fire that seems to smolder beneath the bark, unites two conflicting images in one sculpture. Designed by JasonW Studios, this tree wall sculpture brings the gnarled beauty of nature into the home.

Juniper Bliss Metal Wall Sculpture

Retro Modo Abstract Metal Wall Sculpture

Blast back to the Space Age with the Retro Modo Abstract Metal Wall Sculpture by JasonW Studios. Aligned artfully on a grid, the solid and openwork squares cluster to form a decidedly futuristic composition. The punchy color palette of the atomic era is well-represented here, with dyed hues of blue, silver, copper, gold, and red. A careful overlay of one shape over the other develops a sense of depth, a sense that the past is bubbling up from the wallpaper to finally meet the very future it so revered.

Retro Modo Metal Wall Sculpture

Perfect Storm Metal Wall Sculpture

Like slow-winding tempests brooding in the ocean, the Perfect Storm Metal Wall Sculpture is a quiet, potential piece. A trinity of cyclones gathers silver strands of atmosphere and deep blue water, turning them in ragged revolutions. In the heart of each system, a brushed silver “eye” rolls isolated. The calm disorder in each design typifies the movement of the planet, from the smallest whirlpool to the tallest cyclone. Designed by JasonW Studios, this metal wall sculpture allows you to marvel over the distant beauty of a deep sea squall, far removed from destruction and viewed high above.

Perfect Storm Metal Wall Sculpture

Influence Abstract Metal Wall Sculpture

The Influence Metal Wall Sculpture is the piece de resistance of any contemporary look. Abstract without being elitist, this free-form modern wall art by JasonW Studios inspires a certain verve in its surroundings. Curved strips bend like refracted beams of light, while orbs burst forth on golden wire flares. Silver globes lurk throughout the composition and seem to drift in and out of focus. The neutral color palette characteristic of contemporary design marries well with the sculpture’s earthy gold, silver, and bronze. But pops of smoldering copper ignite this wall art, catching fire to the imaginations of all onlookers. Limitless interpretations swim within the steel of the Influence. Is it an alien night sky, with ghostly moons lurking above a mechanical forest? Or is it the fins of an otherworldly fish paddling through a cosmic ocean? Whatever is seen, the Influence breeds a casual atmosphere where one is free to lounge about and dream.

Influence Metal Wall Sculpture

Golden Harmony Leafy Branch Metal Wall Sculpture

A first glance portrays nature as a reckless wielder—a thicket of briars here, a fallen tree there. But look closer: even a deep forest gnarl belies the harmony of nature. Designed by JasonW Studios, the Golden Harmony Metal Wall Sculpture is a labyrinth of fluid branches and flamed gold leaves. Where one rivel emerges and another stops is difficult to say. But if we stop trying to rationalize the composition—to impose on it some semblance of symmetry—we can sense an organic balance to it all. The densely-shrouded left side of this metal wall sculpture is relieved by the blunt, copper branch underscoring it all. Bare tendrils offset those heavy with leaves. It’s a piece imbibed with the spontaneity of nature—the accident of perfection.

Golden Harmony Metal Wall Sculpture

Grandeur Leaf and Branch Metal Wall Sculpture

A breeze rolls through the undergrowth in the Grandeur Metal Wall Sculpture. Lithe branches wind and twist around each other, exhibiting a flourish of gold and aged copper leaves. Small berries spatter the rollicking stems. An interplay of dark and light is very much at work here; rich brown hues offset brassy yellows. Owing to the fine detail JasonW Studios so often embeds in its work, small puckers in the leaves wink and catch the light. This handcrafted wall sculpture is beautiful piece of art to be sure, and the variegated leaves pay homage to the autumn season.

Grandeur Metal Wall Sculpture

Kinship Family Indoor Outdoor Personalized Wall Grille

Like leaves blown into gutters, cherished moments are ferried away and forgotten every day. The passage of time is especially brutal in these last few months: weddings and fall fests, with scarce warning, give way to holiday feasts and New Year’s Eve parties. In this frenzy of celebration, you may be too busy making memories to consider preserving them much at all.

Fortunately, the Kinship Family Personalized Wall Grille is just the lasting impression you need. The rich brown, powder-coat finish mottled with copper flakes lends an aged sophistication to this steel piece. Resembling those in the frames of a silent movie, scrolls thread along the underside of your last name. A framed year, if you so choose, lies in the center of the composition. Precision-cut numerals immortalize an instant in your family history, from weddings to housewarmings. Or, omit the year entirely for a full crest of scrolls; here, a heart shape punctuates the center. Staunch resistance to the elements makes the Kinship Personalized Wall Grille an ideal gift that can be displayed, indoors our outdoors, all year round.

Submerged as we are in these hybrid months between summer and winter, a little permanence might be the most beautiful autumn sight of all.

Kinship Name and Year Wall Grille

 Kinship Name Metal Wall Grille

Meglynn Indoor Outdoor Monogram Wall Grille

“Family tree,” “ancestral roots”–however you refer to your rich heritage, there is no denying the link between family and nature. The Meglynn Monogram Wall Grille, with its leafy scrolls and refined monogram, is an artful blend of both elements. In this steel piece by JasonW Studios, golden bronze tendrils and wispy flowerets constrict to form a pastoral background. A central circle conveys the perpetual eminence of your forebears, passed from generation to generation. Finally, with precision-cut serifs, your golden monogram presides over the whole piece, creating a three-dimensional effect. This stunning monogram wall grille is available in both a horizontal and vertical design. A powder-coat finish makes this vining beauty suitable for indoor or outdoor display.

Meglynn Horizontal Wall Grille

Meglynn Vertical Wall Grille Gold/Bronze

Autumn Elm Metal Wall Sculpture

Venture into the autumn forest. The spicy fragrance of persimmon perfumes the air. A conflagration of color smolders in the treetops, and all around you is the brittle symphony of blowing leaves. You could gather a few as mementos of this breathtaking scene. Or, you could invoke these seasonal sensations and more with the Autumn Elm Metal Wall Sculpture from JasonW Studios.

Handcrafted from steel with copper and brass plating, the Autumn Elm is lustrous but not mechanical. A delicate asymmetry makes the design of this metal wall sculpture wholly organic. From the densely-coiled trunk, a shower of boughs flourishes, bowing under the bountiful leaves. Each is bathed in a copper or golden hue, with a rainbow sheen visible in the light. Transplant this striking piece from the October orchards straight to your wall, and watch the beautiful images of autumn take root in your mind’s eye.

Autumn Elm Metal Wall Sculpture

Radiant Sun Metal Wall Sculptures

The frigid lick of winter has finally been banished for good (or at least until October!). Summer has arrived! The first day of summer has always been a cause for celebration, yet the sun is lauded all year round in the form of artwork. Representing fertility, regeneration, or even the triumph of good over evil, sun sculptures act as interpretations of the sun’s true nature. Playing to this timeless trend, the celestial wall sculptures from JasonW Studios are abstract archetypes of the sun’s role in human existence.

The Dialect Metal Wall Sculpture is an industrial incarnation of our sun. Geometric pillars of flamed copper, aged brass, and stainless steel project from the brass core, while coordinating squares disperse on the fringes like embers whirling into space. This wall art suggests the clockwork regularity of the sun, which rises and falls every day and lapses seamlessly into every season. The cycle is a deliberate and impartial one, plunging the hemispheres evenhandedly into winter and summer.

Perfunctory though it is, the sun also possesses a chaotic nature, a nature emblazoned on the flame-finished copper face of the Array Metal Wall Sculpture. With rays like needles infused with fire, this wall art contains a vortex of arches encircling the brass center, alluding to a core that is hotter than any other body in our solar system. This pincushion of flame is just slightly asymmetrical, piquing visual interest and speaking to the disorder the sun can at times impart, such as the interruption of radio signals during a solar flare.

Last, the Radiance Wall Sculpture epitomizes by far the most popular view of the sun. A benevolent creator, the Radiance sun sends out nourishing rays that modulate from white to brass. The streamlined arrangement forms an eight-point star, which for some symbolizes new beginnings and resurrection.

Summer has only just begun, and we too must shed our winter outlooks and get a fresh perspective. Nothing inspires a reboot better than the sun sculpture, a beautiful reminder of new days to come.

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